ABOUT -niezska

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ABOUT -niezska

Art history has many well-kept secrets. One of them is how many -nieszkas actually exist. Because the german-polish artist collective, apparently consisting of four siblings, but only one person appears within their painting performances. But which sister now slips into which role varies.

The heteronyms are Mashnieszka, Flashnieszka, Trashnieszka and Slashnieszka. Each character represents a different type of painter. And each character masters all four styles.

Mashnieszka – mash-up technique
Flashnieszka – high-speed painting
Trashnieszka. traditional art brut
Slashnieszka – political street art

The –nieszkas only performed once together at „Niezkiale 2020“, which the Hamburg Erotic Art Museum organized in honor of the artist collective. Photos and recordings of the painting performance were not allowed. The result of the session was the picture „Orgy in Redwine“ in which all heteronyms had their share. Today it is shown in the second room of the house.